Greg Ryan Invited Into Eurotoques

McMunn’s own Greg Ryan was recently granted membership of Euro-Toques, this is a great achievement personally for Greg and also for the team at McMunn’s.

Euro-Toques Ireland members are custodians of Irish culinary heritage and the food culture of Ireland today and tomorrow. Their members – professional chefs and cooks – work to a high set of principles and are asked in good faith to follow the Euro-Toques Code of Honour. This means striving for excellent culinary standards as a chef and always working with quality local produce, in season as far as possible. In short, Euro- Toques members must operate with integrity in everything from sourcing to serving.

McMunn’s is  currently the only restaurant in Ballybunion to hold such an honor, one that is well recognized among “foodies” and people in the hospitality industry!

Congratulations, Greg!

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